Dr. Buzzworthy: Host of The Virtual Buzz™



 - Virtual Media® 3D Character Design & Animation Services -


Get people talking about your website


 - Attractive lifelike stylized characters
 - Videos can be rendered at Full HD 1080P
 - Record your own voice or professional voice talent
 - Custom Characters designed and animated specific to your needs
 - Characters can talk about your site or services with your logo rendered in the background



Consumers overwhelmed by online advertising are installing Ad Block programs on computers and smartphones. Today online users seldom see and often ignore traditional online advertising. Virtual Media creates lifelike stylized characters for entertainment and promotional services designed to engage viewers in ways that seamlessly integrate your brand while viewers are informed and entertained.


For more information about how Virtual Media and VTV can promote your brand with custom designed avatars for your advertising and promotion. Contact us @ VTVLive.com/contact


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