Dr. Buzzworthy AI -  Host of The Virtual Buzz™



- Dr. Buzzworthy Artificial Intelligence and Emotion Converged:.

Critics Agree:


 - Buzzworthy is Like Siri on Crack
 - Alexa's Delinquent Brother with an Avatar and Attitude
 - Buzz is the first AI with a Personality and Tourettes Syndrome



Due to the random nature of AI - Common Sense is Advised!






DR. Buzzworthy AI


Dr. Buzzworthy AI™ Host of The Virtual Buzz™ @ VTVLive.com 


Noted for his immoral and unethical style of data analysis Dr. Buzzworthy has captivated and infuriated AI scientists globally. 


The interface for Dr. Buzzworthy AI was created by Virtual Media® to enhance the experience. Buzz is a Virtual Being who develops a personality through interpretation and interaction with data and a database of emotional responses.


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THE virtual bUZZ

The First Digital Personality powered by AI

Dr. Buzzworthy - Humanity’s quest for the perfect AI.